What Colour Does Your Silicone Cup Lids Boast Today?

I lately read an article in a company magazine that was titled “Java gets a color correction” and it spoke about a fresh invention from a Sydney-based business called Intelligent silicone cup lid Techniques. It’s emerge with a brand new music genre of java silicone cup lids which act as “feeling

silicone cup lids

rings” on your vivarin. It shifts colour with the temperature of your drink, boasting a wealthy and serene deep Mocha Brown when its simply perfect, and a vibrant Crimson when its also hot to manage! In addition, it reveals a mottled crimson when the silicone cup lid isn’t correctly fixed to the cup… Wow, is it possible to consider that?!

Seemingly, its not simply “stylish and trendy”, but an effective security measure also, and coming in at only 5c a piece, the java-fans are creating a massive need for these not only in Australia, but in USA and UK markets also. And these will not be the only gadget-gizmos honouring this drink. You’ll find presents like “Car-Stirrer Espresso mugs” and temperature-feeling mugs overly which preserve the warmth or coolness of your beverage so long as you enjoy it. Its like a digital butler, who ask for other things?

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