Led High Bay Fixture

led high bay
led high bay

The main area you’ll often observe LED bay lamps today used is in areas where issues must be lit from a distance of 15 feet or even more. Therefore of course these have now been installed in locations like gymnasiums, warehouses, factories and sports circles.

However before the introduction of LED lighting most areas would have had metal halide, fluorescent tubes or high pressure sodium high bay lamps installed. The difficulty with such light will be to give sufficient amounts of lighting they need to work at high temperatures.

Consequently the lifetime of said lights is very short and in most cases will regularly need replacing after around 15,000 hours useful. Whereas LED bay lights only use a modest quantity of energy to provide tons of illumination and so last around 3 times as long. Just what this in turn means is that the lights do not have to be replaced as often.

Alongside high pressure sodium lamps and metal-halide needing to perform at higher temperatures they also are prone to getting damaged by moisture. Even modest quantities of wet or oil from your hands when you touch the glass of such lights can change them. Then when turned on there’s a large risk that ultimately the pressure placed in the glass will cause them to crack and split. Needless to say this may then end in the lightbulb failing and it then being forced to be replaced.

Another reason why all these places have chosen to set up led high bay fixture┬ánow is to the fact they illuminate areas a great deal more brightly. This is because these types of lights truly generate a much more natural color light as you’d see when the sun is shining. Whereas when it comes to the conventional type of bay lights used previously the light emitted by these has a more yellow orange tinge to it. Nevertheless this is not the case in regards to fluorescent lighting. It will create a better quality sort of light but nevertheless not on a level with all the light emitted by LED’s.

Firstly you may realize that for people who have problems with light-sensitive epilepsy these sorts of lamps don’t cause problems for them as they do not sparkle. Also an additional feature of the lights is the fact that they are able to work at much lower temperatures and this then implies that they do not use as much energy to give the electricity they need to illuminate issues.