Autocom For Cars

autocom for cars
autocom for cars

Autocom is surely an attachable communication system that allows motorcyclists, and various motorists, to schedule an appointment each other at higher speeds (50 mph or longer) without needing to remove their hands from the bars. This intercom system may be routed straight into a bike helmet via a stereo in the bike itself.

Unlike some other stereo systems, those used by BMW bikes are often appropriate for the Autocom system. Connection requires mounting the intercom on the bike so linking it to the bike’s stereo. Have a question? Have your call answered from the Mechanic now!

Autocom For Cars Instructions

  • Locate the connection towards stereo about the BMW bike. Whether the connection is five-pin or seven-pin dictates the connection necessary for Autocom system. Decide on a system making use of the right connection. Autocom offers a a few different cables considering previously purchased both an Autocom system and stereo with incompatible connections it is easy to replace it which has a compatible one.
  • Mount the Autocom system for the bike. The module was created to attach onto the top of bike. Placing it beneath front fringe of the seat, within the air cleaner, allows plenty of slack to plug using the radio and the headset from the helmet.
  • Plug the connecting cable into the stereo connectors. If you will find multiple connectors for the cable always plug each in the corresponding connection.Plug the secondary cable from your Autocom into your helmet-installed headset.
  • Test the device.

Watch the autocom for cars Video below to learn more:

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